Largest Online Directory of Medical Services Providers in the US

Locating medical service providers in the US is one of the major concerns of most people nowadays. One of the challenges is how they could get a provider that is dependable. Investing your money towards a healthcare is a risk if you are giving it to the wrong provider. If you have difficulty with this process, maybe you will a little help from the largest online directory of medical services providers in the US.

respuesta medicaHCC Medical Insurance Service

If you visit this provider’s site, it is providing medical insurance and travel medical insurance to all sorts of customers all over the world. But there is another feature that you will surely love as they have “find a doctor and hospital button”. HCCMIS links all the hospitals and doctors all over the world depending on their specialty. If you are searching in a certain geographical locations in the US, you will have the option look at the networks they have locally, which links medical specialist from the 50 states.

AMA (American Medical Association)

The doctor finder of AMA will give you link towards more than 80,000 doctors in the United States. The site also provides the basic information of the licensed doctors in the US for you to choose from. If the doctor you are looking for is listed on AMA as a member, he or she will be given an expanded listing. It means that he or she could display some additional info, like insurance providers, office hours, medical history and other sort of information. AMA members, of course, are adhering to the rules and guidelines being set by the association.

MIT Medical

If you want a listing that is highly eligible, look no more as the MIT medical listing will give you competent doctors and medical services. MIT Medical is highly specialized in primary care, pediatrics, laboratory, radiology and many more. It can also give access towards MIT’s state of the art facilities. If not, medical staff from MIT will give you dependable listing that is affiliated to their hospital.

Medline Plus Directory

Another frontline when it comes to healthcare service is the Medline Plus; this is the service rendered by the US National Library of Medicine and NIH (National Institutes of Health). It will give you access to the directories of health professionals, libraries, facilities and services. If you go its site, you can have direct link to the doctors, dentist, specialists, hospitals, clinics and many more.

The largest online directory of medical services providers in the US is a very comprehensive place wherein you can see all the providers from all the fields of medical services, doctors to product services. Whether your needs is a medical insurance for a long time purpose or emergency purposes, these sites will help you a lot.

Try to review each of the sites and see which one has the best listing of medical facilities and doctors that you need. Do not forget to do your assignment by reading reviews and comments before hiring a certain provider.